We are located in Tomball, TX:

14002 Alice Rd
Tomball, TX 77377-6220
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Please come visit and join us in fellowship!

Pastor: Elder Ron Smith cell: (713) 542-5014
Deacon: Brother David Moore (281) 658-6099
Deacon: Brother Buddy Reed (281) 373-4240
Clerk: Brother Stan Roby (832) 444-2441

A Brief History of Spring Grove Primitive Baptist Church

A small group of believers in Houston, Texas meet together for the first time in the home of Sister Effie Wickman.

March 30, 1974
The Primitive Baptist Church of Houston is constituted with an arm from Providence PBC of Farmersville, TX and 23 charter members.

August 25, 1974
The PBC of Houston agrees to purchase property at 2138 Ojeman Rd. in Houston, Texas. This would be the meeting place of the church for the next 30 years.

August 17, 1975
The PBC of Houston votes to change its name to Spring Grove Primitive Baptist Church.

October 7, 1981
Spring Grove PBC, a church of the Trumpet order of Primitive Baptists, votes to change its Church Covenant to drop the "Trumpet" requirement for fellowship. This effectively eliminates any bars to fellowship between Spring Grove PBC and those churches of the Peace order of Primitive Baptists.

August 18, 1983
Spring Grove PBC is devastated by Hurricane Alicia when 2 large trees fall on the meetinghouse, causing many thousands of dollars worth of damage. The church decides to rebuild.

December 8, 1990
Spring Grove PBC votes to merge with Gulf Coast PBC. The newly consituted Harmony PBC meets at the meetinghouse on Ojeman Rd.

January 16, 1994
Harmony PBC votes to rescind the merger between Gulf Coast PBC and Spring Grove PBC and revert back to the 2 churches as before. This was done mainly because of the great distance involved between the former members of the Gulf Coast PBC and the location of the church on Ojeman Rd. and because a suitable central location for a new meeting place could not be located. The 2 churches remain in full fellowship with each other.

February 22, 2004
Spring Grove PBC meets for the last time at 2138 Ojeman Rd. The building was sold to an adjacent business because the church was unable to afford the much-needed repairs on the building and because the church felt the location was no longer desirable and safe. The church was blessed to use the property of Ephesus PBC at 1306 Cordell St. in Houston, Texas.

September 28, 2008
Spring Grove PBC meets for the first time at its current location at 14002 Alice Rd. in Tomball, Texas.

Over the years, Spring Grove Primitive Baptist Church has been the home of more than 80 Old Baptists, has had 6 Pastors, has overseen the ordination of 6 deacons, and has met in 4 permanent and semi-permanent facilities.


Elder J.R. Smith: March 30, 1974 - July 18th, 1976
Elder Tommy Hart: January 9, 1983 - October 13, 1985
Elder Garland Lyon: April 20, 1986 - December 8, 1990
Elder Elton Ramey: December 8, 1990 - January 17, 1993
Elder Garland Lyon: January 17, 1993 - January 16, 1999
Elder Andrew Stull: October 16, 1999 - July 4, 2002
Elder Jeff Moseley: January 5, 2003 - January 2015
Elder Ron Smith: January 2015 - present

Deacons ordained through Spring Grove:

Ron Smith - 1974
Gary Scoggins - 1974
Travis Brown - 1974
Munroe Reece - 1974
David Moore - 1984
Buddy Reed - 2004

March 30th, 1974
Charter Members of Spring Grove Primitive Baptist Church

Documents of Interest:
Church Covenant
Articles of Faith